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Ventis Key Team members

Tim Patrick

“Chief Executive Officer” (CEO)

Mr. Patrick has built two successful pharmaceutical startups and managed their profitable exits. At his first 1991 startup, Mr. Patrick held the position of COO for 16 years. In 2007, he built his second pharmaceutical startup, where he acted as CEO for ten years, exiting in 2017. Mr. Patrick brings a wealth of knowledge and insight with 30 years of executive leadership experience in all aspects of operations, company economics, company strategy, product positioning, federal government contracts, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and the development of SOPs and GMPs. He has built three manufacturing and distribution facilities, developed sales and marketing strategies, and positioned Ventis as his most successful venture yet.

Louis Stanfield CRNA PhD

“Chief Scientific Officer” (CSO)

Dr. Stanfield has 40 years of experience as a Nurse Anesthesiologist (CRNA) and holds a Ph.D. in pharmacology. As Chief Scientific Officer and co-product developer at Ventis Pharma, Dr. Stanfield draws on his broad background in anesthesia care and his specialization in pain management. He is responsible for all of Ventis Pharma’s scientific testing, methodologies, and studies, and works closely with our FDA consultants at the Weinberg Group in Washington DC.

Dr. Lawrence Volz

“Chief Medical Officer” (CMO)

Dr. Volz will act as a key team member in product education and training for physicians and pharmacists for Ventis Products in the US and our international markets. He is board-certified in general surgery and a fellow of the American College of Surgeons. Dr. Volz has over 20 years of experience in his specialty and has served as a hospital board member, trauma director, and Chief Medical Officer for a Midwest Medical Center for the last five years. He has also served as a national speaker to educate surgeons and anesthesia providers.

Dr. Jeremy Poulsen

“Chief Operating Officer” (COO)

Dr. Poulsen will act as the COO at Ventis Pharma and will assist Mr. Patrick in operations, strategic planning, and Asian market strategies in addition to his operations management. Further to his healthcare background, Dr. Poulsen is board-certified in anesthesiology and pain management. He is actively involved in interventional pain management and regional anesthesia treatments, and also serves as the chair of anesthesia at his current hospital. Dr. Poulsen has over 21 years of experience in his specialties.

Steven Aungst

VP of Sales and Marketing

Mr. Aungst brings 23 years of experience to the team, having working with Mr. Patrick to build sales and marketing divisions for two successful pharmaceutical startups and exits. He has experience in developing product pricing and positioning with commercial insurance carriers, as well as Medicare and Medicaid. He also has expertise in creating campaigns for new product rollouts, building, and training national sales forces, and developing all types of marketing campaigns.

Keith Reilly

VP Business Development

Mr. Reilly has 25 years of experience running a successful medical surgical company on the West Coast and in the Midwest. He specializes in building and developing relationships across the healthcare space and finding synergies that benefit all parties. Mr. Reilly also has an extensive history of working with hospitals and surgery centers and strengthening relationships throughout the industry.

Anthony Reilly

Operations Manager

Mr. Reilly has 18 years of experience in the healthcare and med-surg startup arena. Throughout his career, he has assisted physicians in the operating room and actively trained doctors on new surgical devices on the West Coast and in the Midwest. Mr. Reilly is a seasoned administrator and supports the team in all aspects of Ventis Pharma’s operations.